FSS Board

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Carl EdströmOrdförandecarl (at) edstroem.net
Mattias Eklundv ordfmattias (at) calmlikeabomb.se
Kim CreutzerSekreterarekim.creutzer (at) filmlance.se
Svante BiörnstadKassörsvante.biornstad (at) storyfire.se
Bo PerssonRevisorpmfilm (at) telia.com
Linda ForsénLedamotlinda (at) forsen.biz
Linus GidstedtLedamotsound (at) linusgidstedt.se
Anders LindahlLedamotanderslindahl89 (at) gmail.com
Hans-Gunnar HogströmLedamothgh (at) art-studios.se

Some of the association’s statutes read:

Film Sound Sweden, FSS, is an association of active professionals  in the field of production of film, TV and video audio.
It is a non-profit association based in Stockholm.

The purpose of the association is
to promote the development of film sound both technically and artistically,
to promote an increased awareness of the importance of sound in film art,
to promote the exchange of personal and professional experiences between the members and thus support each other in our professional development;
to contribute to the attention and appreciation of professions in the film sound field,
to safeguard the working conditions of the members,
organizing film screenings, discussions and seminars to promote professional development and further education;
to promote good collaboration with other professional categories in the film and video industry,
to promote international contacts in the professional field.

Membership can be applied for by professionals, mainly active in the field of film, television and video audio. Membership may be granted to a person who has been a professional for at least four years.
Those who do not meet the above criteria can apply for a”Aspirant” membership.

All applications are processed by the Board and must be approved by the same.

The fee is SEK 300 per year for Full membership and SEK 150 for Aspirants. PG: 192 45 34-9.