Maihak Reportofon MMK 3, lanserad 1953

- From Reg Sutton's Collection

The Maihak Reportofon MMK 3 magnetic tape recorder was a self-powered machine designed for simple operation completely independent of the electrical mains power. It fitted in an elegant leather case which could be carried by handle or shoulder strap. A single five position switch, located below the handle, controlled both tape mechanism and amplifier. The tape transport was driven by a powerful double wound governed spring motor, and the three midget valve amplifier by dry batteries.

Case Closed.
See switch under handle.

First sections open showing tape mechanism. Motor wind, and rewind handles in lid. Plus spare spool.

The recording level was controlled by three fixed settings - (1) maximum gain, full frequency (2) gain attenuated by 9dB, full frequency (3) gain attenuated by 9dB with 400Hz HP filter. HT and LT batteries could be checked by a voltmeter mounted on the front panel which also had output terminals for reproduction. The case lid was subdivided with the upper half covering the front plate, and the lower half, the amplifier and batteries. For lip synch the Maihak pilot system accepted a pilot frequency signal from a generator on the camera.

  • Double wound governed spring motor
  • Maihak pilot frequency system
  • LT dry cells - 1.5V, load l50 mA
  • HT dry cells - 100V, record load 5 mA, replay load 3 mA
  • Size - 320 x 240 x 115 mm
  • Frequency response 60-6500 Hz, linear with max deviation ± 2 dB
  • Signal-to-noise 50/55 dB
  • Tape speed 7.5"
  • Tape duration 7.5 minutes

Both sections open showing valves,
battery compartment and spring motor.

During my career I often worked for Mining Review, films made of and for the Coal industry by Data Films. The spring driven Maihak Reportofon MMK 3 was the only recorder allowed underground as safety regulations barred the use of electric motors on cameras or recorders. The spring driven Maihak with its pilot tone system was used in conjunction with a spring driven Newman Sinclair 35mm camera suitably fitted with pilot generator. The pictures shown here are of the Maihak in my collection of vintage sound equipment. 


Annons för MMK 4
i Populär Radio, nr 3 - 1953.


H Maihak AG, Hamburg, har tre bärbara bandspelare för reportageändamål.
  • Typ MMK 3 (R86) har rör, 3 st. DAF91
  • Typ MMK 3 tr har 5 transistorer
  • Typ MMK 6 har 15 transistorer

Samtliga modeller är fjäderverksdrivna och har en bandhastighet av 19 cm/s.

Frekvensområdet är 60-8000 Hz, ±2 dB och distorsionen max. 1,5 %, störavståndet 50 dB.

Speltiden är för de mindre modellerna 10,5 min. och för den större 23 min.

Den större modellen MMK 6 har bl.a. två mikrofoningångar och möjlighet till kontrollavlyssning under inspelningens gång.

MMK 3 väger c:a 8,5 kg, MMK 6 väger 14 kg.

Svensk representant: Polyvox AB, Kungsgatan 71, Stockholm.

Ur Radio och Television, nr 1 - 1960.

MMK = Maihak-Magnetton-Koffer.

Annons ur tidskriften Kinotechnik, nr 6 – 1956

Maihak Reportofon MMK 1
Foto: Hanno-Heinz Fuchs / © Svenska Filminstitutet

Maihak Reportofon MMK 6
Foto: Hanno-Heinz Fuchs / © Svenska Filminstitutet

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