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Save the date: FSS tänkte gå i gemensam trupp och titta på The Revenant på filmstaden söder den 11/2 kvällstid. Biljetter har inte släpps ännu till det datumet men notera i filofaxen om du vill följa med. Ljud-hypen är som bekant enorm. ... se merse mindre

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FSS ljudinspelning FSS07

Regn & snö, storm och stiltje, brasor och tomtebloss, fruset gräs…
Allt går att få in i de fyra elementen!

Deadline är 15 mars.
Då ska ljuden vara redigerade, namngivna och uppskickade på serveradressen som meddelas senare.
Vill du vara med??
Skicka ett mail till:
Är du med och spelar in får du tillgång till alla andras inspelningar i denna omgång. Inspelningarna är exklusiva och endast för medverkande deltagare. Vi vill att så många som möjligt är med! Och självklart ska du ju vara medlem…!
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1 month ago

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Kim CreutzerBra tema!

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För er som precis fått ja på att göra ljudet till en skräckfilm och undrar hur i helsike det ska gå till kan andas ut:
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2 months ago

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Calle Buddee Roostycker också man känner igen sig i kommentarerna "I find the way you bring up the sympathetic resonances via the power rods really impressive - I must practice a lot more."

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Detta är ju givetvis en fullständig självklarhet men det kan ändå vara på sin plats att förtydliga att i vår serie "5 blandat seriösa och oseriösa frågor till intressant person" frågar vi lika många kvinnor som män. Svarsfrekvensen har i detta fall av olika anledningar varit snål hos kvinnorna så därför får ni tills vidare hålla till godo med ännu en man, ingen mindre än Henry Auerbach från Los Angeles. Mixare med bland annat "12 years a slave" på sitt CV!

1. What is "Great filmsound" for you?
A great sounding film is not always the one with the most pristine dialogue and epic sound design sequences. A great sounding track is one that aids in the story telling. Something that is not too heavy handed and forces the emotions onto you but rather gently holds your hand and walks you to the edge. I always feel it becomes obvious when the filmmakers come up short as they try to over compensate by playing big sound effects or try to push the upper limit of the score just to get an emotional reaction, over exaggerating the sound overall sound design of the feature. I am a huge fan of dynamic movies. I don't care to hear every word, but I believe dynamic range is a great tool to move the film along and really pull the audience into what is important.

2. Could you mention 3 movies that has that according to you?
I think Zero Dark Thirty does a great job of this. The dialogue at times is a little questionable but it just draws you even more into the film.
Another great example of this is pretty much any Tarantino movie, pick one. He does a great job on the set of making sound a priority and I think it always translates to an amazing sound track.
And lastly, since you only asked for three, No Country For Old Men, talk about dynamic range! And it is used in such defining moments.....amazing!

3. In Sweden we have a feeling that you guys in hollywood seem to mix everything a bit louder every year, Would you agree?
Would I agree...absolutely!! I have actually been in mixes where I have had to wear earplugs. It's a combination of so many things I don't even know where to get started. As I said, I think the limited use of extremely loud moments is so much more effective than a sound track that is painful and fatiguing. We keep pushing it and pushing and certain directors and mixers will always be pushing the meters well into the red on a dialogue scene, but I'm starting to see it back off a little....or maybe Im just imagining it.

4. Could you describe "the swedish swoop" in a few words?
My new favorite mix move! Most of us do the same movement here, but with faders so it's never as tight. The Swedish Swoop is using the mouse and creating a volume automation node on each side on the word or line and graphing down the ambience noise between, like a manual gate. When done right, it does a great job of suppressing the ambience without having to hit the track hard with noise reduction and other tools that eventually break down the integrity of the file.

5. What´s your best result at the grueling half ironman distance if I may ask?
Finishing. One day I'll train harder and build up more speed. When the cannon went off and I dove into the water my only goal was to cross the finish line. If I remember, it was somewhere in the neighborhood of 7 - 7.5 hours.

Thanks a lot Henry and keep on swooping!
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3 months ago

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